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The Impact of Fall Prevention Systems on Insurance Costs for Trucking Companies

The Impact of Fall Prevention Systems on Insurance Costs for Trucking Companies

Truckers keep our nation running, driving day and night to guarantee the timely delivery of goods. Trucking companies must ensure that truckers can safely do their jobs, but those safety measures benefit the company just as much. With a NoFalls Safety System in place, trucking companies and warehouse facilities have the opportunity to save on workers compensation and liability of insurance costs.

How Do Flatbed Truck Fall Protection Systems Work?

Truck Fall Protection offers OSHA compliant trailer fall protection systems made for flatbeds, open flatbeds, state trucks, and step decks on the trailer system that is a collection of straps and posts the trucker can easily install. It’s a lightweight, weather-resistant barrier. The straps prevent falls while anyone loads or unloads cargo, supporting 1,000 pounds of pressure. 

The NoFalls system comes with a durable strap winder to make setup and takedown more efficient. The included rub rail ladder aids in safety during installation and while loading cargo. The system assembles and disassembles quickly, but it can also remain standing permanently for greater convenience.

Also offered is a mobile floor mounted system to be used in warehouses and other Flatbed loading/unloading users. Lightweight efficient and easy to use. It installs on a full truck length in 40 seconds – protect your employees / 3rd party drivers, working on flat beds in your facility with the rolling mobile floor system. The mobile floor mounted system comes in 10, 20, 30 or 40 foot lengths and can be customized to your needs.

What Impact Does a NoFalls Safety System Have on Insurance?

One of the best ways to reduce high insurance costs in the trucking industry is prevention. As safety incidents go up, insurance premiums go with them. When trucking companies show insurers a commitment to safety with flatbed truck fall protection systems, the reduced risk and lower injury rate usually keep premiums down. Some other preventative measures that could aid in lower premiums include:

  • Safety training for drivers to learn the skills required to avoid collisions
  • Investing in automatic emergency braking systems
  • Staying current on and incorporating the latest safety regulations
  • Installing video-camera systems on the trucks
  • Ensuring new trucks come equipped with collision-mitigation systems
  • Always insist PPO is used

When a company emphasizes safety at this level, all employees/3rd party drivers are on the same page. Keep premiums down. This demonstration shows the insurer the trucker's commitment to safety and prevention, which protects the insurer's bottom line and keeps injuries from happening. Your company can keep premiums down.

What Can Trucking Companies Do Today?

Trucking company owners can do several things today to get on the path to lower insurance premiums.

  1. Get the trucks inspected to fully understand which safety features are already in place.
  2. Prioritize new systems such as the NoFalls Safety System, telematics, and collision-avoidance systems.
  3. Contact the insurance company to find out which investments will bring the greatest discount on insurance.
  4. Implement and install the systems that will be most beneficial.

Get Started with the NoFalls System

Injuries can be costly - for health and your wallet. Don't let an accident lead to skyrocketing insurance premiums. Protect your drivers an employees now with the NoFalls Safety System. Our innovative products are proven to reduce falls, keeping you safe and preventing those expensive rate hikes. Contact Us today to install the NoFalls Safety System by Truck Fall Prevention.