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OSHA Sharpens Its Focus on Warehouse Safety

OSHA Sharpens Its Focus on Warehouse Safety

In the U.S. workforce, tripping and falling account for about 25% of all injury claims and 15% of accidental deaths. Dozens of these accidents involve truckers and warehouse workers falling from flatbed trucks. A fall from a flatbed truck can result in serious, life-changing injuries and death. While OSHA cracks down on warehouse safety, Truck Fall Prevention has a solution. The No Falls Safety System may be able to reduce falling accidents. 

OSHA Has Clear Requirements for Warehouse and Flatbed Safety 

To protect warehouse workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Standard 1910 subpart D addresses requirements for walking-working surfaces at least 48 inches high. Standard flatbeds stand between 42 and 60 inches tall, with most flatbeds standing at least 4 feet from the ground. 

Employers must protect all employees on walking-working surfaces with unprotected sides or edges at least 48 inches from a lower level. Forms of protection include: 

  • Guardrail systems
  • Safety net systems
  • Personal fall protection systems 

Flatbed truck fall protection systems constitute personal fall protection systems. 

No Falls Safety System Complies With OSHA's Concerns 

For trailer fall protection systems, we have kits that fit step decks, open flatbeds, flatbeds with conveyors, and stake trucks. The standard kit comes with 10 posts, 12 yellow straps, 16 red support straps, and 10 quick-release pins designed to cover both sides of the trailer. Other kits include front and rear kits and a three-sided kit. The No Falls Safety System is DOT-compliant and can remain in place permanently. 

For warehouse safety, we also have a mobile panel system. Mobile panel systems are made with aluminum and a soft barrier with options at 10, 20, and 30 feet, including custom sizes. Permanently set up, these systems are attached to strong wheels that can be used indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is roll the panel against the trailer bed and lock in the handles for quick setup. 

All systems are lightweight and easy to install with one person and can be taken down from the ground. 

Prevent Falls With No Falls Safety System 

Truck Fall Prevention's mission is to develop solutions to prevent drivers and workers from falling off open deck trailers. With more than 70 years in labor relations, trucking, manufacturing, and transportation logistics, industry veterans David Gunsberg and Jeff Bronson created the No Falls Safety System. Today, we manufacture and sell the system to some of the largest U.S. companies, including the construction, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing industries. To learn more about OSHA-compliant fall protection systems, contact us today.