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Falls From Flatbeds Are Real As You Can See From The News Coverage

Falls From Flatbeds Are Real As You Can See From The News Coverage

“This is a very freak accident here again Super Steel Treating company on Rinke Street near 10 Mile and Mound about 3 O’clock this afternoon a freak accident. A 61-year-old male from Shelby Township died as a result of this accident. We don’t have confront confirmation but one of the people familiar with the scene basically said that this truck driver and independent truck driver, possibly from Dearborn steel company was making some kind of delivery here the Super Steel Treating company when apparently he was on the flatbed of his tuck and he slipped and fell off, crushing himself, hitting his head. Again, as a 61-year-old male from Shelby Township Super Steel here, the treating company is a company that makes steel. You can see a lot of the steel coils here. That’s what happened to get a lot of independent truckers that were here to deliver steel. Again this happened at 3 O’clock or so outside in the back, as you can see, there were Representative, there were people from Macomb County Medical Examiner on the scene, as well as Warren Police, is still investigating this drone video, as you can see, here, show that the Warren police officers, they’re actually taking photos from inside the cab of the truck as well as on the flatbed, it happened again on the outside of this company we confirmed from the owner of the company, super steel that there was an incident, but they had no comment they wanted to notify the man’s family, as well did put a call into the Dearborn Steel company, they said that they have no comment at this time again. Very Freak Accident, but we know a 61-year-old man Shelby township died likely slipped off the back of the bed of his truck. While he was making some kind of delivery, again, this is an ongoing investigation here in the city of warren and a very sad day for the people that are in the area of 10 Mile and Mound.”

How Fall Prevention Could of Prevented this Incident

Truck Fall Prevention's Patented No Falls System provides flexible, lightweight, portable, cost-effective fall protection for flatbed surfaces for trailer beds 16 to 53 feet. As well as front and rear protection to prevent falls between the cab and the truck's bed, and falling off the rear of the bed, with our lightweight, flexible and durable straps have a break strength of 4,400lbs that will prevent cargo from falling, along with drivers and other workers who are working on the flatbed. Fall protection systems are a product that all flatbed truck drivers should use when loading and unloading their vehicles to be further OSHA compliant. We Prevent Falls. We Protect your Drivers and workers and prevent injury and death from occurring. Contact us today or give us a call for a quote! 


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