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Fall Accidents: How Truckers Can Use the NoFalls System to Prevent Flatbed Trailer Truck Falls

How Truckers Can Use the NoFalls System to Prevent Falls

Falls from or on flatbed trailer truck decks can cause serious injuries or even death. If you run a trucking business and employ dozens of drivers, falls pose a major threat to your business. Our flatbed truck fall protection patented system protects drivers and dock workers from falling off a flatbed trailer truck or onto the deck. The NoFalls System also protects employers from unnecessary claims. It helps them avoid injuries, citations, fines, and lawsuits that can result from fall accidents.

We recommend the system to truck owners/operators, fleet operators, and warehouse operators. They can purchase and install the NoFalls System in their terminals, warehouses, and flatbed decks. It is an affordable and effective product that will keep employees safe and protect company assets.

OSHA Regulations

The federal law requires all business owners to implement accident and injury prevention safeguards in the workplace. The US Department of Labor Section 1910.28 outlines the employer's duty to protect workers from falls in the workplace. It states that employers should provide adequate protection for all employees exposed to fall hazards in their line of work. Unless indicated otherwise, employers must ensure that the fall protections articulated in this section meet the criteria in § 1910.29. Most states have similar requirements for fall protection on walking and working surfaces.

Costs Of Workplace Falls

Falls are a constant risk for truckers and warehouse employees. The life of a worker can change in a minute due to falls from or inside a truck bed. Irrespective of the type of fall, it can result in serious injury or even death. Injuries and accidents create potential liabilities for employers, families, fleet owners, and company shareholders.

For workers, this could result in the loss of income as they spend months waiting to recover. Workplace injuries sustained from falls on and from flatbed truck trailer decks threaten the livelihoods of millions of American families every year.

For employers, failure to provide fall protection can result in fines, lawsuits, and heavy compensation packages for damages. You also lose valuable and hard-to-replace workers. The two major issues most employers face are compliance and liability.

The OSHA regulations require employers to provide a safe work environment for all workers irrespective of their relationship with the business owner. This means that if a dock worker or truck driver who is not your employee falls and gets injured in your workplace, you will be liable for the damages.

The NoFalls System provides you with an effective way to ensure the safety of your employees. It also protects your business from the costs and legal ramifications of failing to comply with OSHA regulations. The NoFalls System enables you to be safe and compliant with the requirements for workplace falls. In terms of liabilities for injured workers, employers who fail to implement the regulations are exposed to workers' compensation benefit payouts and third-party claims.

Business Case For The NoFalls System

The NoFalls System is affordable and easy to use. It can be put up or taken down with a few steps that take a couple of minutes. You can also install it as a permanent structure that will remain on your trucks while drivers move from one destination to another. Weighing only 845 lbs. per side, it is a system that you can easily dismantle and store when it is not in use. Our system uses a novel lightweight design that makes it weigh much less than similar products on the market.

Each side of the NoFalls System consists of five posts and six secure straps. Posts stand at 52 inches tall and can be strapped to a height of 51 inches. The NoFalls System can be installed directly into most trailer pockets without adding new feet. It also comes with a shim kit to help you adjust and fit it into any trailer pocket. It is also a very affordable product. The NoFalls System costs a fraction of the price competitors charge for their products.

The NoFalls System is an effective way of making sure that your workplace is OSHA-compliant. It also provides your employees with a stable, solid flatbed surface and handrail to protect them from injuries. It keeps your business environment safe and accommodating for workers.

How To Use the NoFalls System?

The NoFalls System is a portable fall barrier for open-deck flatbed trailers. It is a portable fall barrier system designed to work specifically with open-deck flatbed trailers and meets OSHA 1910.28 Fall Protection Standards. Its purpose is to prevent injuries resulting from a fall from or onto a flatbed trailer. The NoFalls System also prevents injuries resulting from falling inside the truck bed and hitting your body against the inside of the truck.

NoFalls System Design

The NoFalls System consists of five rugged aluminum posts and six securement straps on each side. The equipment is designed in a way that it can be conveniently set up or dismantled in just a few minutes. The objective of our system is to protect people working on flatbed trailers from serious injuries that can be sustained during a fall from or onto a flatbed trailer. NoFalls System does not secure freight of any kind.

The five NoFalls System posts used to build the structure are 52 inches tall and are connected by straps that are ratcheted closed for safety. The six securement straps have a weight of 1,467 lb. workload limit and a 4,400 lb. break strength. Despite its incredible strength and resilience, the NoFalls System has a total weight of less than 85 lbs. per side.


The NoFalls System is a set of hardy equipment that helps secure your flatbed trailer truck from falls. Its most important benefits are its ability to protect workers and prevent injuries. It helps employers comply with workplace safety regulations while also preventing potential costs arising from employee compensation, fines, and legal actions resulting from falls. The economic benefits are apparent. Reduced workplace falls minimize injury claims and the number of lost work hours for employees.

To learn more about the NoFalls System and how to order it for your business, please contact us at (313)429-2121, or by email at to learn more about pricing and availability, including volume discounts.