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The NoFalls System
The NoFalls System
The NoFalls System
The NoFalls System

The NoFalls System

NoFalls System

NoFalls System Product Dimensions per side:

-4 horizontal safety straps
-5 heavy-duty aluminum, C-channel and square tube posts
-52’ H x 4” W x 1.58” D
-Ratchet closure
-(6) 2” x 27’ Securement straps
-1,467 lb. workload limit
-30-day warranty against manufacturer defects
-Weighs less than 85 lbs per side

Installation Instructions:

  1. Place Support Stakes with Ratchet Handles one pocket forward of the first trailer pocket at each end of the trailer. Ratchet Stakes should face away from the end of the trailer.
  2. Insert Support Stakes labeled 2 and 4 in the fifth pocket from each of the Ratchet Stakes.
  3. Insert Support Stake labeled 3 five pockets from 2 or 4 Support Stakes
  4. Insert Quick Release Pins (1 per post) through the bottom of the Support Stake below the Trailer Pocket.
  5. Each of the 3 Yellow Straps will be inserted through the pockets on 4 Red Support Straps. Then take each end of the Yellow Straps insert them into the Ratchet Handles on the Support Stakes.
  6. Place the wire hook ends of the Yellow Straps into support post 3. The wire hook end should be facing the inside of the trailer once inserted into the Support Stake. Space the Red Support Straps an equal distance between the Support Stakes (two red straps between each pair of stakes).
  7. Tighten the Yellow Straps with the Ratchets until they are taunt.

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