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The NoFalls Flatbed Truck Fall Protection System is lightweight, easy to install, weather resistant, and comes with a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects. Installation and take-down is quick and easy. But you can also leave it up in transit to save time. The durable construction is tested to support 1,000 lbs. of pressure and stands up to the harshest climates.

The NoFalls Protection System is ideal for:

  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites
  • Property owners
  • Shipping/receiving companies
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Open-deck/flatbed trucking companies
  • Owner/operator truck drivers


Installation and Assembly 

1. From the ground level, insert all ten posts into the trailer stake pockets. (The posts with the straps at each end and the post with the slots as close to the center as possible.)
2. From the ground level, insert the strap hooks from the bottom and middle straps on each end to the center post and tighten each with the ratchet. (NOTE: Do not over-tighten as this can damage the aluminum posts).
3. Once the lower straps have been secured, safely get on the trailer and secure the top straps to the center post and tighten them at the ratchet (do not over-tighten).
NOTE: This product is designed in accordance with OSHA 1910.28 for Personal Fall Prevention only. It is not designed as a freight loading barrier.


Product Dimensions per Kit

-12 horizontal straps
-10 heavy duty aluminum , c channel and square tube
-52”l x 4”w x 1 5/8 D
-Rachet handles
-(16) 2” x 26’ Securement Straps
-30 day warranty against manufacturers warranty
-Weighs approximately 195 lbs per unit (48 – 53’ trailer)
-Shorter trailers/stake trucks weigh less