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About Truck Fall Prevention

The NoFalls system was created by industry veterans David Gunsberg and Jeff Bronson. With a combined more than 70 years of experience in labor relations, manufacturing, trucking, and transportation logistics, David and Jeff have witnessed firsthand the dangers of flatbed truck falls. After they tried and failed to find a commercial fall protection solution for their own fleets that was affordable while being fast and easy to deploy, they decided to create their own system. And so Truck Fall Prevention was born. 

David Gunsberg, JD

David is a Michigan-based employment attorney over 45 years of experience, including being a leading OSHA expert. He has negotiated hundreds of labor agreements and litigated or arbitrated hundreds of cases, including several multimillion dollar cases related to flatbed truck falls. He currently serves as in-house legal counsel for Eaton Steel. 

Jeff Bronson

Jeff is a Michigan-based transportation expert with more than 30 years of experience managing fleets of flatbed trucks. Since 2014 he’s served as a senior manager at Adica Trucking and Logistics where Truck Fall Prevention’s R&D was conducted. He’s extensively tested the NoFalls system on Adica’s fleet and has deployed it to hundreds of flatbed trucks.